• Dyson Billings

Know Your Locksmith

Did you know, Florida does not currently have any legislation that requires a Locksmith or Locksmith Business to have a state license, certifications, or back ground checks prior to servicing your home? That means any person can get the tools and equipment to come to your house and rekey it and have future access to your home. Kinda scary, isn't it? Solution: Perform your due diligence and interview your locksmith prior to you hiring them. A reputable Locksmith in Florida will have a valid business license, liability insurance, current background checks, Locksmith Association memberships and certifications. Some other things to ask are if they are a member of a Local Chamber and if they have a storefront. Ask questions, this will give you time to get a feel for what they are about. We have a lot of "scammers" in this area because of this, don't fall victim to their pricing and service tricks.

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