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Key Duplicates

Professional Services since 1953

Safe Showroom & Mobile Services

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Unlocking the Door
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Commercial & Residential
Door Lock Service & Replacement

Mobile & Brick 'n Mortar

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We have the experience to accomplish any task that has to do with the doors, windows and sliders in your home or business. 

Keeping your business secure and compliant with ADA and Fire Code is our Specialty. 

Our fully equipped mobile vans can come to you, or you can come to our store location on Granada.

Smart Keys & Remotes 
Programming & High Security Key Cutting

Don't Go to the Dealer!

We provide the same products and better service for less! Let us know what the year, make and model of the vehicle is, how many keys or remotes you currently have and how we can help you.  We make extra keys and remotes, high security keys and program many different types of vehicles.  Lost Key? No Problem.  We can generate a new key (for most vehicles) for you and program it. Bought a remote or key online and need it cut and programmed? No Problem.  As long as its compatible and a factory remote, we can do it

Residential & Commercial
Safes for Any Need

Largest Inventory Showroom

in Volusia/Flagler County

Browse Hayman Safe Products

We Sell Hayman Brand Safes from Oviedo, Florida.  Unmatched in Strength, Quality, and Durability and Competitive pricing, Hayman Safes are the best in the business.  Our Inventory is diverse and can match any security need that you may have.  Our staff discreetly delivers and installs your safe for you and we back it with an impeccable service guarantee. Visit our showroom on Main Street in Downtown Ormond Beach to learn more.

Key Notes

“In 1954, my father opened a small retail hardware store in Ormond Beach and in 1964 it became one of the first Ace Hardware stores in the area.”

    “As with most hardware stores at the time, a part of my father’s business was making duplicate keys for homes, auto-mobiles and wherever a lock was used..  But in a few years, it eventually became a major part of our business.  At that time they were building the original Daytona Hilton.  We furnished the hardware for that project and then a few years later we furnished the doors & frames for the Daytona Mall.”  

    “We eventually got away from the hardware business completely & evolved into the lock & security business.  In 1976, we became AHC Lock & Key.  We now have the reputation of being the ‘go to’ place for the best information, service and products in the security industry.”

    “All of our field locksmith technicians, currently employed at AHC Safe & Lock have more than 100 years of combined Locksmithing experience.  A term that is important when evaluating a Locksmith is that they are not  fungible. Any locksmith may have general locksmith knowledge, however, they also may have specific knowledge and skills to complete tasks that require additional training & experience, that another locksmith may not have.  So you can’t assume that every locksmith is capable of all tasks.  It becomes important in choosing a locksmith, that they are asked what their experience level is.”

   “Our Locksmiths have experience with many different varieties of Security Hardware Installations.  We also believe in continuing education which prepares us for the technological advances that come into the industry on a regular basis.”   - Bill Partington II

AHC is my go-to place for locks and keys, we have access control on our building and they have helped us maintain security and control over the office, anytime I need them I get quick service at a fair price!

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